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What can I use as a projector screen

What can I use as a projector screen? 10 best tips

As we all know, professional 4k projector screens are very expensive. What can I use as a projector screen? If your budget is low or you don’t want to buy a projector screen, then you can refer to this article to find the most suitable projector screen alternatives. This article presents 10 alternatives to projector screens that will give you the experience of watching movies without a 4k projector screen.

What’s a projector screen?

Projectors 4k need the right background or screen to get the desired image, and projector screens are becoming more and more popular as screens that display projected images. If you want to get the best projection, then the background you choose needs to be a smooth, flat surface. Light-colored items will be more effective than dark colors, and it is best to choose white as the background color because white screens have a higher gain.

What are the characteristics of a good projector screen?

  1. Screen Gain: Screen gain refers to the screen reflected projector light of effect. A high-gain screen gives a brighter picture.
  2. Texture: The surface of the screen is smooth, with no texture construction on the surface, and the smooth texture will give you the best image quality.
  3. Ambient Light Suppression: The screen’s performance under different ambient light conditions.
  4. Sound Transmission: If you intend to install audio devices behind the screen, you will need to find a screen with this feature.
  5. Rear projection: If you have a rear projector, you will need to purchase a specific screen to ensure the best quality image.
What can I use as a projector screen?
What can I use as a projector screen? Here are 10 inexpensive alternatives to choose from that will allow you to project at any time.
Clean sheets

Sheets are a convenient and inexpensive option for projection screens, and a plain white sheet works best. You can use it anywhere and it’s easy to carry around. But the quality of the picture projected with a bed sheet as a background may not be as good as other experiences. Factors such as thread count and wrinkles can determine your projection experience with a bed sheet. If you want a vivid picture, you may want to consider other options.

Blackout cloth

The best alternative to a projector screen is a blackout cloth, similar to a canvas to do the proper projection. Blackout cloth is also one of the most popular choices for movies and theaters. The fabric of blackout cloth is thick and opaque, and the double-layer design does not filter light through the threads of the fabric like bed sheets, allowing for highly visible viewing and a good balance of contrast.

Inflation settings

The inflatable setup is a common projector screen for outdoor projection that is easy to carry and simple to install. And it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can install your own to choose from for your needs. Inflatable screens are a great option, especially if you are looking for a simple setup that doesn’t require a lot of labor, or want to move your theater setup easily. Inflatable screens are perfect for outdoor gatherings, large parties, and more.

Side of a large white vehicle

If you happen to be traveling outdoors and don’t have a suitable projection screen. You can also choose the side of a large white vehicle for projection and achieve good image quality as long as the surface does not have an uneven texture.

Roller shutter doors and windows

Drop-down roller shades can either block out light or act as a large projector screen. Look for one that is smooth and in white or light colors for a movie-like experience at home. You can also install it anywhere on the wall where you need a screen.

White cardboard or wrapping paper

Cardboard, poster board, or paper projector screens, much like shower curtain projector screens, should be matte for the best image quality. If you only have plain cardboard, you can also make your own painted projector screen.


If you want to experience watching a movie or TV while lying down, you can also project onto the ceiling with good results.

Blank wall

Blank walls are a free option for most people, and you can set up a projector whenever you want. When you choose a wall as a background, you need to make sure there are no other items on the wall, a blank wall will make the picture look clearer. Choose a white or light-colored wall if possible, as the Pericat projector will project better in light colors. The wall needs to have a smooth surface as walls that are not smooth will affect the clarity of the picture on the surface. The best thing about using a blank wall projection is that you can adjust the projector screen size as much as you want to maximize the space available to you.


White tarps can be used as an affordable alternative to expensive projection screens. However, it is more suitable for low-budget projectors and if you have a higher-end projector, then a tarp is not a good choice. A light-colored tarp works best and you can hang the tarp anywhere. But it does have its drawbacks. The only drawback to using a tarp as an inexpensive projector screen is the potential for glare. Most light sources that hit the tarp will produce a slight glare and may block your view of the screen. You can also avoid glare by moving the projector around.

Screen Coating

Projector screen coatings are one of the best choices for creating projector screens. Whether you choose to paint on a wall surface or on your trusty bed sheets, you will need high-quality projector screen paint. With screen paint, you need to keep the layer a smooth surface and it is not recommended to use regular paint. This is because regular paint will leave a textured, uneven surface and the projected image will form a shadow.

Things to consider when getting the best projector screen replacement

  • Size of the projection area
  • Frequency of using the projector
  • Projector screen budget
  • Permanent or temporary installation
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Projection Angle

Advantages of using projector screen alternatives

  • Good quality and low price
  • Easy and convenient
  • Wide range of uses
  • Provides a large, flat surface
  • Ideal for projecting images or videos

Disadvantages of using projector screen alternatives

  • May be difficult to obtain clear images
  • Projected image quality may not be perfect
  • May not be as durable
  • Not always portable


There are many different types of screens that can replace a projector, and it is important to understand how to choose the right one. For example, canvas-like surfaces are great for projection; glass surfaces are tricky and don’t reflect projected images; gray and white surfaces are better than surfaces painted with other colors; and textures can change the way gobos are displayed and make projections less sharp. If you need to know what color projector screen is best, click here and maybe you will get some inspiration!


Can I use a curtain for the projector screen?

Yes, you can use a blackout curtain as your projector screen. Any opaque, solid color material that can hang flat can be used as a projection screen.

Can I use a sheet as a projector screen?

Yes, you can use a piece of paper as a projector screen. You must know how to make it and what to look for before you make it. A projector screen made of paper means that you cannot get it wet.

What is the best material to use for a projector screen?

White blackout cloth is probably the best material for use on a projector screen you’ve made in a do-it-yourself manner. Aside from being affordable, the material is known for its sturdiness.

What can I use as a cheap projector screen?

The blank wall is one of the easiest DIY solutions out there for use as a projector screen. You can also use a bed sheet, wrapping paper, shades, blackout cloth, picture backdrop, or projector screen paint that’s painted on any of the aforementioned surfaces.

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