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Raydem RD-850 vs Pericat PT01 Projectors Comparison 2023

Projectors are playing an increasingly important role in our lives and work. With a wide range of 4k projector brands and models on the market, how to choose a projector that performs well and suits your needs has become a problem for many people.

In this article, we compare the Raydem RD-850 and Pericat PT01 projectors, a comparison that takes into account design, build quality, and performance, including the special features of both projectors. After reading you will know which projector is the best of the two and which one you should consider.

Pericat PT01 Review

The Pericat PT01 is a great portable projector for home theater and outdoor movies. With native 1080p support for 4K and an LCD lens, it delivers a bright picture even in high-light conditions. The exterior design is small and compact, making it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pericat PT01 Features

  • The Pericat PT01 is a native 1080p resolution projector that supports 4K sources, providing you with a visual feast of clarity, vividness, and vibrant colors.
  • The high brightness gives you a brighter image, 80% brighter than comparable mini projectors, perfect for watching football games and playing games.
  • With 5G WiFi connectivity, the superspeed 5G WiFi movie projector gives you faster wireless speeds, a wider range, and smoother transmissions than other 2.4G single-band projectors.
  • Multiple setup options and streaming formats, from screen mirroring to HDMI, allowing you to easily connect to the laptop.
  • Built-in dual stereo speakers provide you with an immersive experience with the latest heat dissipation technology, it is not easy to heat up.
  • The projector supports desktop, tripod, and ceiling mounting, so you have the flexibility to set it up to your liking.
  • With a maximum projection size of 350 inches, you can easily enjoy a large screen experience with this Pericat projector, which features an LCD lens to provide you with even more detail.

Raydem RD-850 Review

The Raydem RD-850 is an easy-to-use outdoor movie projector with basic features to meet everyday needs. The specifications below will help you compare the Raydem RD-850 with the Pericat PT01 before choosing the best.

Raydem RD-850 features

Native 1080P WIFI projector with 3 rubbing refractive glass lenses to reduce the blurred edges of the projector at the side of the screen and present a sharper resolution for the full screen.

5G WIFI syncs your iPhone/smartphone screen to ensure lag-free network input while watching videos and playing mobile games.

Compatible with a wide range of devices, side-by-side dual HDMI and multiple other ports allow you to easily connect devices such as laptops, cell phones, and gaming consoles.

Built-in high-fidelity speakers and a low-noise radiator fan give you an immersive listening experience while reducing the noise generated by the projector’s work.

Pros and Cons

Raydem Video Outdoor Movie Projector
Check Prices
Connectivity Technology
Bluetooth 5.0
Display Technology
Image Brightness
Image Contrast Ratio
Item Weight
3.80 lbs
Easy to use
Bright images
Low fan noise
Blurred picture quality
Poor connection
Pericat 1080P Outdoor Movie
Check Prices
Connectivity Technology
Bluetooth 5.1
Display Technology
Image Brightness
18000 lux
Image Contrast Ratio
Item Weight
3.00 lbs
Low enough input lag for gaming
Responsive user interface
Affordable price
Easy to use
The remote control is difficult to control
Manual focus required

Difference between Raydem RD-850 and Pericat PT01

  1. Raydem RD-850 uses 5G WIFI, while Pericat PT01 uses a 5.1 Bluetooth chip.
  2. There is no place for a tripod on the bottom of the Raydem RD-850, so it is best to use a table or tripod with a fixed plate. On the other hand, the Pericat PT01 can be mounted on a table, tripod, and ceiling.
  3. The Raydem RD-850 has a 3-layer refractive glass lens, while the Pericat PT01 has a 7-layer polished LCD lens that provides you with detail better.
  4. The PT01 projector is equipped with the most advanced 50%-100% zoom technology. Flexible in use, you can easily adjust the screen to the size you want.

Which is better, the Raydem RD-850 or the Pericat PT01?

Both are native 1080p projectors with 4K support, but the Pericat PT01 is more versatile and advanced in terms of performance than the Raydem RD-850. I think the winner between the Raydem RD-850 and the Pericat PT01 is the Pericat PT01. The Pericat PT01 is a more cost-effective projector for home theater and outdoor movies. However, it is not comprehensive enough in terms of adjustment features and may not meet the needs of some advanced users.


The Pericat PT01 is the perfect choice for your party, gathering, or family outdoor night. If you’re looking for a lower-budget projector, the Raydem RD-850 can also meet your basic needs.


Which is the No 1 projector brand in the world?

BenQ DLP projectors even deliver unmatched world-class performance than anyone else. With over 30 years of display market expertise, BenQ is the world’s No. 1

Which projectors last the longest?

Laser projectors come with a much longer lifespan and unlike their lamp counterparts, you will not need to regularly change the lamp. A lifespan of 20,000 hours is common for laser projectors, whereas the lamp life on a lamp projector can be as low as 2,500 hours; more on the costs of lamp replacement later.

Is 4K projector better than 1080p?

In the world of visual technology, more pixels mean a better viewing experience. A 4K projector has about 8 million pixels, which is remarkably higher than A 4K projector has about 8 million pixels, which is remarkably higher than 1080p which only has 2 million pixels. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture when you view the screen from afar.

Is a projector good for everyday use?

You can absolutely use a projector for normal, everyday TV watching. It won’t hurt the projector (although it may run the bulb life down faster), and it may lead to a better overall TV-watching experience, at a lower price-point than most larger Televisions.

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