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Is a projection screen necessary?

Are you struggling with whether or not to purchase a projector screen, but your white wall performs well? In my opinion, both pericat projector screens and white walls have their advantages.

If you are a user who has high requirements for image quality and has a sufficient budget, the projection quality of a white wall is definitely not as good as that of a screen. On the other hand, if your overall budget is already low, you need to consider whether or not to get a screen.

Of course, there are reasons to buy a screen, such as improving the brightness, contrast, and color performance of the projected image. Using a white wall as a projection screen is acceptable, but the effect is not as good as a projector screen. The black border of the screen can increase the brightness and contrast of the image, and also improve the viewer’s attention.

If you plan to project the image onto a wall, the performance of a gray wall will be better than a white wall. White walls reflect light more obviously, which will reduce the contrast of the image. Using a light gray wall can make the image brighter and more vivid. Of course, you can also use a white wall for the sake of uniformity with your home’s color scheme, but you should be aware that changes in wall color will affect the quality of the image.

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