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How to project a movie outside without a projector

How to project a movie outside without a projector?(2023 Great Guide)

DIY Projector Quick Guide:

  1. Check the size of the box and mirror
  2. Adjusting the inside of the box
  3. Add footage
  4. Punching holes for magnifying glasses
  5. Adjust the rest
  6. Set up your phone or laptop
  7. Adjustment of focus

Using smartphones as movie projectors. List of tools:

  • Shoebox
  • Pencils
  • Craft Knives
  • Black Paper
  • Magnifiers
  • Tapes
  • Cell phone

More and more people are enjoying watching movies outdoors. If you don’t have an outdoor 4k projector, there are many ways you can still show movies outdoors. This blog post will take you through the small ways how to project a movie outside without a projector 4k, so you can enjoy outdoor movies with your friends.

How to make a smartphone projector?

  1. First, you can prepare a shoebox and then laminate the inside of the box with black paper or paint.
  2. Cut a suitable size for the magnifying glass on the side of the carton. For accuracy, trace the magnifying glass in the center with a marker and cut it with a cutter. If the shoebox lid is in the way, cut off the part of the loupe that is blocking the magnifying glass.
  3. The next step is to make a cell phone holder, which can be made of some tape or small wood to create a smartphone holder.
  4. Change the settings on the phone only to mirror the image on the screen so that you can see the normal image when projecting locking the rotation of the device using the rotation lock function.
  5. Place your smartphone in the case on the other end of the lens. Ensure that the brightness is at maximum (and that your device is fully charged).
  6. The smartphone can also be connected to a Bluetooth device so that you can perform pauses without entering the box.
  7. Move the phone back and forth to find the right focus to project the movie onto the wall or screen.

How to DIY a laptop projector?

Projecting a laptop screen onto a wall without a projector. Laptops can also be used to show movies, for which you will need the following tools.

  • A laptop
  • A mirror
  • Magnifiers
  • A cardboard box
  • Scissors or knife
  • Thick black paper or matte black
  • A ruler and a pencil
  • Brushes
  • Glue
  • Tapes

How to project a movie outside without a projector? You can also use a laptop instead of a projector, here are the steps to show a movie on a laptop.

  1. First, you need to prepare a large shoebox of the right size for your laptop, the degree and length of which must be equal to the diagonal length of the laptop screen.
  2. You also need to obtain the right size magnifying glass, which is the same width as the box.
  3. you can now cut the folded wings on the shoe box and fold them inwards to make the box a regular rectangular box.
  4. Cut a rectangular hole in one end with scissors or a knife.
  5. Adjusting the size of the hole to the size of the magnifying glass.
  6. Cover this hole with black paper and secure it with tape.
  7. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a grid the size of your laptop screen on black paper.
  8. Then place the laptop screen on the grid, making sure the laptop is in portrait mode.
  9. Better yet, place the mirror in front of the laptop so that it covers the entire screen.

Other options for projecting movies outdoors without a projector

If you do not have a projector, other devices are available for projecting movies outside.

For example, you can use an iPhone. they operate in the same way as a smartphone projector, you just need to download the movie to your device before doing so. If you don’t want to use your phone, you can also use a tablet or iPad, just download the correct application, such as Airplay or Reflector, and follow the same steps mentioned for smartphone projectors. Alternatively, you can use your MacBook instead of your laptop to project your movie outdoors. Find a suitable projection location, turn on your MacBook, and connect it to the projector adapter. Finally, project the movie onto a nearby wall or screen.

Choose a suitable location

First, you need to find a darker space with less ambient light interference. You can set up a portable screen with a stand in your backyard. Choose a smooth surface to project on, ideally, you can project onto a screen or a white wall. You can even pin a quilted bed sheet to the fence for projection. A sheet, a drop cloth, or even the side of your house or a garage door A projector will work on a wall.

Media Player

If you are using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop as a projector, you will not be able to rely on the built-in speakers to play sound. If your device is in a box, it may be difficult for you to hear the sound from your device as well because of noise interference from outside. To solve this problem you can use a Bluetooth speaker. If not, you can design a hole for the wires to come out of the box, which will also not affect the image and lighting inside. If you are just a person watching, you can just use a wireless Bluetooth headset will be more convenient.


DIY projector is low cost and fun, but it falls short of the actual projection. Although it is not ideal for movies, you can have more fun in the process of making them. Even if you don’t have an outdoor projector, you can still try to project a movie. We hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below.


What can I use if I don’t have a projector?

With Your Smartphone/MacBook/iPad. You can follow the steps above.

How do you project a movie outside during the day?

If you have a high-quality projector with a high lumen count, then you can use it outdoors during the day.

Is making your own projector worth it?

If you’re on a budget, you can DIY a projector, and it’s a lot of fun to make your own projector.

How to project an image on a wall without a projector?

Point your flashlight at the wall and place a Fresnel lens (or magnifying lens) in front of the flashlight. Next, turn on the light and let it shine through the lens. This way, it will project the image on the wall.

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