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how to hide projector

4 Best Methods – How to Hide Projector?

A quick guide on how to hide the projector:

  1. Hide the projector behind the wall
  2. Hide the projector in the ceiling
  3. Hide the projector in a cabinet or closet
  4. Custom Arch Belly

Hiding the 4k projector can save some space in your home, and hiding the projector can help reduce noise and vibration, which can improve the quality of the projected image. If you are still debating where to place the Pericat projector to better hide it. This article provides you with 4 ways how to hide the projector 4k. You can choose according to your needs and make the layout of your home more beautiful and harmonious.

Why do we need to hide the projector?

Creating a more immersive movie viewing experience by hiding the projector so that the image appears to be floating in mid-air.

Avoiding a large, obtrusive device in the room also saves space, hiding the projector protects it from damage or theft, masking the projector’s light source, which may be helpful in a dark room or when using the projector 4k in a home theater.

Concealing the projector has several benefits, such as reducing glare and eyestrain for the viewer, improving the overall aesthetics of the space, and protecting the projector from damage. Hidden projectors can also help prevent distractions and improve the overall viewing experience by creating a more immersive environment. In addition, hiding the projector can help reduce the amount of ambient light in the room, which can improve the clarity and contrast of the projected image.

How to hide the projector?
Here are 4 ways how to hide the projector and save you more space. Also, be sure to leave enough space around the projector to allow for air circulation.
Hide the projector behind the wall

If you have an unused space behind the wall of your room, you can place the projector there. You can make a hole in the interior to allow your projector lens to project properly onto the screen, depending on the size of the projector lens or the device.

If the walls are relatively thin, a circular opening proportional to the size of the lens will suffice. If the projector is set up deeper, cut a larger hole to ensure that light does not bounce off the inside of the hole and disrupt the visual output. You must make sure the hole is close to the ceiling so that it can be hidden when the projector is not in use. You can even cover the hole with a photo or some decorative item when not in use.

Hide the projector in the ceiling

One way to hide the projector in the ceiling is to install a retractable ceiling mount. This type of mount allows the projector to be lifted up when not in use and then lowered when you want to use it. This keeps the projector out of sight when not in use and helps save space in the room. To install a retractable ceiling mount, you need to have a sturdy ceiling that can support the weight of the projector, and you also need access above the area where the projector will be mounted. A ceiling-mounted projector at home keeps it out the way of people walking past, and allows you to install it closer to the screen.

Hide the projector in a cabinet or closet

First, to hide the projector in a cabinet, you need a cabinet large enough to accommodate the projector with enough room for the projected image to be seen through the cabinet door or the opening on the side of the cabinet.

You will need to measure the size of your projector and the size of the cabinet opening to ensure that the projector will fit into the cabinet. Place the projector inside the cabinet, making sure it is positioned so that the projected image can be seen through the cabinet door or opening.

If necessary, adjust the projector’s focus and position to ensure that the image is clear and centered on the screen or wall. Close the cabinet door or cover the opening with a curtain or other material to hide the projector from view. When you want to use the projector, simply open the cabinet door or uncover the opening so that you can see the projector and start projecting. However, you also need to make sure there is adequate ventilation to prevent the projector from overheating.

Custom Arch Belly

Custom soffits for projectors are a popular and preferred solution for home theater designers. It is usually built around the projector, usually using a wooden enclosure, which hides the projector very well. The soffit also requires a flap door to be built, which allows for better cleaning and maintenance of the projector for you. While soffits are a good option, they are more expensive to build.

In addition, you need to make sure your soffit has enough ventilation to keep airflow normal. Otherwise, heat buildup can harm your projector’s efficiency. It can provide you with a clean and professional look while still providing a sturdy and stable platform for your projector. It also keeps it out of sight when not in use.

What is a hidden projector mount?

A concealed projector mount is a mounting system that allows the projector to be installed in a ceiling or other non-visible location. Concealed projector mounts are typically used in home theaters or other spaces designed to make the projector unobtrusive. These mounts can be mounted in a variety of locations, including above the ceiling, behind a false ceiling, or inside a cabinet or other enclosure. Concealed projector mounts are designed to support the weight of the projector and provide a stable, secure mount that allows the projector to be easily adjusted to the optimal position and focus.


Overall, the best choice for a hidden projector will depend on your specific needs and the type of projector you have. Consider the different options above and choose the one that works best for you. Projector cabinets are the perfect option for those who don’t want to fix a projector and other equipment in a specific space. Hope this article on how to hide a projector is helpful to you. If you have any additional questions, you can leave them in the comments section below.


Should I ceiling mount my projector?

If you shelf-mount your projector, you’ll have lower installation costs and convenient access to power outlets. However, a ceiling-mounted projector at home keeps it out of the way of people walking past, and allows you to install it closer to the screen.

How do you hide projector wires?

  1. Cover the wires with cable tunnels.
  2. Tuck the wires behind crown molding.
  3. Run the wires down a window frame.
  4. Hang soundproofing material to cover the wires.
  5. Sneak wires behind your couch and other furniture.
  6. Run the wires through the ceiling and wall.

Where should I put my projector?

8 Fantastic Ideas: Hide It Above The Ceiling.Hang It From The Ceiling.Place It on a Shelf Or in a Cabinet.Hide It Behind a Wall.Build a Soffit For It.Build a Custom Bracket Around It.Mount It Behind The Screen.Place It on a Tripod Or Mobile Stand.

Does a projector looks better on wall than screen?

A typical wall will not have this special coating. Therefore, an image projected onto the wall will not be near as bright as it would appear on a screen.

Do projectors show on dark walls?

Yes, you can use a projector on a dark wall or without a screen. It can save you money to use the wall on your house to display an image versus having a screen that you have to line up with your projection.

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