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2023 How to Connect Projector to Speaker ?

How to Connect Projector to Speaker ? 2023 Useful Tips

How to connect projector to speaker? To make you feel immersive while watching a movie or video. This guide gives you 4 ways to get the right audio connection device to allow the connection between the 4k projector and the speakers. Allows you to create your own perfect home theater and enjoy the best visual and audio experience.

4 types of connections for projector audio
Different types of projectors have different connection methods. Before connecting a 4k projector to speakers, you need to know how your projector is connected.
3.5mm jack input and output

The stereo audio jack design is the typical way you connect speakers to a projector so you can hear the projector’s built-in speakers as well as sound from an external speaker system. It is typically used for headphone connections to PCs, music players, cell phones, projectors, AVRs, and sound systems.

RCA Connection Type

RCA connectors are the most common is type of cable that is used to connect the projector 4k to external speakers. They have a total of three cables which are red, white, and yellow connectors. The colors correspond to the headphone output (left), the right channel or mono mix, and the different audio channels of the video signal. It creates a better sound fidelity compared to a mono channel with one speaker.

Optical / TOSLINK

TOSLINK and optical cables create the feeling of a surround sound experience. If your projector has optical or TOSLINK outputs, you can use word cables by wiring external speakers to the inputs on the back of the projector, an option that gives you higher-quality sound.

Bluetooth Connection

If your projector connects Bluetooth speakers, you can eliminate the need for additional cables and devices. Bluetooth technology allows for wireless audio transmission and Bluetooth technology has a wide range of applications. It works with cell phones, laptops, and PCs, and also allows the pairing of two devices that support Bluetooth connectivity. You can enhance the built-in projector speaker with a louder, clearer Bluetooth speaker.

The most common way to connect a projector to a speaker
The 3 most common ways to connect a projector to speakers so you can get the perfect sound experience.
Independent stereo speakers

Most stereo speakers have only one audio outlet, and some speakers have separate left and right audio outlets, requiring the use of an audio jack or coaxial cable to separate them. This is the easiest option for connecting the projector to the speakers.

Bar Speaker

A bar speaker is similar in function to a left and right stereo speaker in that it is essentially a set of active speakers built into a single unit. You can make audio connections using the ports and cable connectors provided with the stereo speakers and Pericat projector.

A/V Receiver

AVR is a hardware component used in home theaters, which is a complex option. It can be connected to the receiver through different media devices, process and enhance the video and sound signals to drive the amplifier, and allow the video to be output from the receiver to the projector.

How to connect a projector to stereo speakers?

Use one of the audio output options with a 3.5mm audio cable or TOSLINK cable to connect to the projector, with the other end connected to the projector. If your media source device does not have its own speakers, sound system speakers are necessary. If necessary, connect the adapter to the audio cable. A separate connector may be required for each speaker.

How to connect a projector to a bar speaker?

The amplifier, unlike speakers and headphones, does not mute the speakers of projectors, HDTV, and PC, it adds or amplifies sound by turning on the bars and the original speakers. You only need to use the stereo speakers and the projector’s own port and cable for audio connections.

How to Connect a Projector to an A/V Receiver?

First, turn off the projector and receiver, then connect the audio cable to the audio port of the projector and plug the other connector of the audio cable into the “Aux-In” port on the back of the AVR. Once this is done you can turn on both devices.

Press the “Source” button on the AVR and hold it down until the word “Aux” appears on the control panel and you can hear the sound of the projector coming to the AVR, which means the process is complete.

How to connect a projector to a Bluetooth speaker?

Turn on Bluetooth for both devices and make sure there are no unfamiliar Bluetooth devices nearby. Turn on the projector’s Bluetooth function to automatically detect surrounding speakers and select your own speaker device to connect. If your projector cannot connect to a Bluetooth speaker, you can turn Bluetooth off and on again and/or turn the speaker on and off again to reset and detect. The easiest way is to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector.


You can connect your speakers to the home projector in a variety of ways, and with the diversity of connection types available for projectors, there is always one that you can use. Different external audio devices require different connections and connection methods, depending on their ports and the ports available on the projector you choose. If you don’t prefer a wired connection, you can choose a projector with a built-in bar or speakers so that no other device is needed to assist.


How do you connect your phone to a projector?

Connect your Android to a projector wirelessly using the Chromecast streaming adapter or a USB-C to HDMI wired adapter. If you have an iPhone, use a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or a Lightning to VGA Adapter.

Does Audio go through HDMI?

Yes, through HDMI ARC you will get mind-blowing audio, even Bluetooth, optical audio, etc. can’t compete with it.

How do I connect external speakers to my projector?

As we have mentioned multiple methods like getting projectors audio from AV receiver, HDMI ARC, optical audio, etc. you just need to follow the guide.

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