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How to Connect Android Phone to Projector via USB (5 Great Ways)

How to Connect Android Phone to Projector via USB? (5 Great Ways)

If you are troubled by the unstable signal of connecting an android phone to a projector wirelessly, the following provides you with the most stable USB connection method.

  1. First, make sure your Android phone is connected to a stable network.
  2. Locate the USB port setting located on the back or side of the Pericat projector.
  3. Select the correct USB cable and establish a connection between the phone and the projector.
  4. Once connected, select allow the projector to access your device on the phone screen.
  5. Finally, your Android phone is successfully mirrored to the projector.

That’s it for the complete connection process! The most direct way is to connect your Android phone to the projector via a USB cable.

How to connect Android phone to projector via USB? First, you need to know what connection options are available for your 4k projector. This guide provides you with five connection options that will allow you to easily connect phone to 4k projector. Before that, you need to choose the right adapter and cable.

Notes before connecting your phone to the projector?

Determine the connection options offered by your projector

There are many types of projectors, and not all of them have built-in USB ports. So you will need to determine your projector’s connection options before you connect.

If your projector 4k has a USB port, then you can easily connect the phone to the projector. If your projector does not have a USB port, then you can use the HDMI port or the VGA port to connect. However, the VGA port may not always provide a reliable connection.

Verify phone function

When establishing a connection you will need to check what type of connection your phone supports. Some of the newest devices will support adapters that allow you to transfer data from your phone to a projector or TV via a USB port. Other phones support Mobile HD connectivity or MHL, and you can purchase an MHL or HDMI adapter. However, you will want to make sure your phone is compatible with that type of adapter.

Get the right adapter

It is also important to choose the right adapter. To connect your android phone to the projector via USB you want to make sure you are using the correct cable and peripherals. If you are using a dedicated adapter that is similar to the model of your phone, this will ensure that it will work reliably with your device in the best way possible. While this will mean an increase in cost, generic devices are often unreliable and a dedicated adapter is the best choice for long-term use.

Connection Cable

If you have completed the above steps. Finally, you just need to connect the USB cable to your phone and the projector, making sure that all connections are correct. Once the connection is complete, you can play your favorite content on the projector.

HOW to Connect ANDROID Phone to a Projector via USB
Here are 5 ways for you to learn how to connect your Android phone to a projector via USB, allowing you to easily enjoy the fun of the big screen.

Most Android smartphones and other devices come with a USB-C port, but the USB-C port is mostly used for charging only. This also means that if you connect a projector you cannot charge your phone at the same time. If your device has a USB-C port, you can use a USB-C to HDMI cable to connect your device to the projector. Also, you can check if your projector accepts USB-C connections as video connections into its USB-A port for video playback.


If your projector and phone both have USB-C ports, make sure you choose the correct transfer cable so you can connect your phone to the projector more easily and quickly. Also, USB-C to USB-C can power your device and you can access the mirroring option on your screen once they are connected.


HDMI to HDMI is not a common connection method. However, there are mobile devices that have mini or micro HDMI ports and projectors that have a Type-A HDMI port as standard, you will need to find the correct HDMI cable for your device.


MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) is a specially designed HDMI cable that allows you to not only connect your phone to the projector but also to charge it. This connection can only be used if both your phone and projector support MHL port connections. Unlike USB-C cables that require an adapter or compatible USB to accept the projector, MHL cables use micro USB. you only need to select the correct cable and adapter to easily mirror the projector.


Because this method of USB-C to VGA only works with older projectors with VGA ports, you will need the USB-C to VGA adapter and VGA to VGA cable to connect the adapter and cable to your smartphone and VGA display port. So you will need the USB-C to VGA adapter and VGA to VGA cable, connect the adapter and cable to your smartphone and projector, and then switch to the appropriate VGA display port. the USB-C to VGA adapter can also be used with Apple devices.


If your projector doesn’t support wireless connectivity but has a USB port and HDMI port, you’ll be fine with a wired connection. USB connectivity is the more common type of wired connection, and the connection method is simple. If you are using an iPhone, here is an exclusive guide on how to connect your iPhone to the projector via USB, click now, here is the answer you want.


What if a phone does not support both MHL and HDMI connection methods?

If your phone does not support MHL and HDMI, then it will not be able to do TV output in the port and hardware. But you can buy the right adapter to solve this problem.

Can a mobile phone be used to project videos without using a projector?

No, the mobile phone cannot be used to project videos. But you can physically hook up a mobile phone to a TV/Monitor using a cable such as a VGA or HDMI. If you have an iPhone, and an Apple TV, then you can use Airplay to mirror the contents of your mobile screen onto an external display. Some Android phones can also do it using a Chromecast.

How do you connect a mini projector to an iPhone?

  1. Wired connection: USB data cable or lightning cable (for iPhone), micro USB to HDMI adapter or Lightning to HDMI adapter.
  2. Wireless connection: Connect via Airplay (for iPhone), connecct vis Miracast (for most Android phone), make sure the phone and the projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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