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Dxyiitoo S3 vs Pericat Q9 Review

In this digital age, projectors 4k have become an essential and important piece of equipment in modern educational and business scenarios. But how do you choose the best product for you among the many projector brands and models on the market?

We will compare the performance indicators, experience, advantages, and disadvantages of these two projectors from several aspects so that readers can make a more informed choice when purchasing.

At the same time, we will also share our feelings and emotional experiences during the review process, so that readers can gain a deeper understanding of the good and the bad that these two projectors bring.

Dxyiitoo S3 Review

This small projector has good performance, clear pictures, and is nice and bright. The ability to choose from a variety of screen sizes to adjust to your wall and who knows what, allowing for screen mirroring really makes this projector stand out in terms of ease of use.

Dxyiitoo S3 Features

The Dxyiitoo S3 projector’s native 1920*1080P resolution, 8500 lumens image quality, and 10000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio provide you with a clear picture.

The projector is equipped with built-in speakers and Bluetooth 5.0, which provides excellent sound quality without external speakers and easily connects to a variety of Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

The projector is equipped with multiple ports including HDMI, USB, AV, and 3.5mm audio jacks for easy connection to a laptop, phone, or other devices.

Wi-Fi connection, support Airplay function, and mirroring function, easy to connect iOS/Android system smartphones or tablets.

It supports a maximum viewing size of 300 inches and freely adjusts the screen size and projection distance to give you a comfortable viewing experience.

Bottom Line
Dxyiitoo S3
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Native 1080P Projector with WiFi and Two-Way Bluetooth, Full HD Movie Projector for Outdoor Movies.
Easy setup
Good speaker sound quality
Clear picture quality
The fan sound is a little loud
No autofocus
Pericat Q9
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth, 5G WiFi, Native 1080P/12000L Video Projector with Screen, 4K Support Outdoor Projector.
Multiple connections and streaming devices can be used
Excellent picture quality
Easy to set focus and keystone correction function
Affordable price
Timing mode
The Keystone wheel needs to push hard, but it works fluently after that.

Pericat Q9 Review

With native 1080p and 4K support, the Pericat Q9 is a projector that gives you bright images and clear speaker audio, perfect for use in your home theater. The small and portable design is also perfect for outdoor movies.

Pericat Q9 Features

  1. The Pericat Q9 video projector features 1920*1080 Full HD resolution and 4K support technology to provide you with a clear picture.
  2. This video 1080p projector features the latest 5G WiFi technology, so you can mirror your iPhone and Android devices using 5G WiFi, so you can watch videos or play games more smoothly and consistently.
  3. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, you can wirelessly connect Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other devices for better sound.
  4. The extra-large 350-inch display, ±15° keystone correction, focus function, and 75-100% zoom allow you to get the best out of both your courtroom theater and outdoor movies.
  5. Two-way cooling fan system with fast heat dissipation technology to avoid overheating of the projector.
  6. With timer mode and low noise, you can fall asleep with < 30db of noise while watching your favorite content.
  7. The phone projector is equipped with multiple ports including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and 3.5mm audio jacks, and comes with AV and HDMI cables.

The difference between Dxyiitoo S3 and Pericat Q9

The Dxyiitoo S3 uses a WiFi connection, while the Pericat Q9 uses a 5G WiFi connection, giving you a smoother, lag-free online video streaming and gaming online experience.

The Dxyiitoo S3 uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chip setup, while the Pericat Q9 uses a Bluetooth 5.1 chip setup.

Regarding the screen size, Dxyiitoo S3 supports a maximum size of 300 inches, while Pericat Q9 supports a maximum size of 350 inches.

Pericat Q9 features ±15° keystone correction and 75 -100% zoom, and you can adjust the display size as needed for optimal viewing, whether it’s for home theater or outdoor movies.

Which is better, Dxyiitoo S3 or Pericat Q9?

Dxyiitoo S3 and Pericat Q9 both display 1080P resolution, but there are still some differences during use. Dxyiitoo S3 has a bit of color distortion during the day but works well when the curtains are closed or at night. Pericat Q9 displays clear images and colors even during the day, but of course, the results are better when used at night.

If you have high requirements for picture quality, it is not recommended that you choose the Dxyiitoo S3, as it cannot be used anywhere except in completely dark rooms. The brightness in the corners is noticeably reduced. The image is focused in the center but blurred around the edges. The colors are unnatural and I can’t calibrate them to produce any resemblance to normal skin tones. And it’s very dark. At the same price point, I’d be more likely to recommend the Pericat Q9.


In this review, we compare the performance, pros, and cons of these two projectors. All in all, if one is looking for a projector with bright images and vibrant colors, the Pericat Q9 would be a good choice for you. Of course, you can also choose something better. We hope that the two projectors reviewed in this article will be helpful to you.


Is a pericat projector good?

I really like the big screen size of the Native 1080P projector and it came with a beautiful carry bag, so easy to travel with. Everything is quite simple to Everything is quite simple to set up, you can use the complimentary tripod and screen if you need them.

Why my laptop is not connecting to projector?

Most problems with standard projectors are usually the result of a poor cable connection with the host computer, so if you cannot view your computer Ensure that the cable connection is secure on both ends.

Can I connect my laptop to a projector wirelessly?

As long as your wireless projector is fully compatible with Miracast standards, it will respond to your laptop keyboard inputs as intended. Searching for The wireless projector is as easy as pressing Windows + K, which brings up all devices that are available for pairing or mirroring.

How do I connect my phone to my projector with HDMI?

Since all good projectors have HDMI in, you can get a USB to HDMI cable or adapter. These are available for every version of USB, so check your phone and pick the right one. Once connected, simply change the source on your projector to the relevant HDMI port and you’ll see your phone’s screen displayed.

Why is my projector not displaying my screen?

Make sure all necessary cables are securely connected and the power is on for the projector and connected video sources. Try using a shorter HDMI cable. Press the projector’s power button to wake it from standby or sleep mode.

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