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The 5 best home projector under 300

The 5 best home projector under 300

If you love movies and have the space and budget to recreate the movie theater experience at home, you’re looking for a projector to take your home movie nights to the next level. This guide provides you with the best home theater projector 4k under $300, so you can find the right one for you and create your own perfect home theater.

1. YABER Y31 home theater projector

With native 1920×1080 resolution, superior 9800L brightness, and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1, the projector gives you crisp and detailed image quality to ensure the best video experience.

The Y31 HD projector is a projector with a one-touch brightening function and automatic vertical correction.

With HIFI stereo sound and the latest advanced cooling system, the LED projector provides a great listening experience without the need for external speakers.

Adopt the latest SmarEco technology to reduce bulb energy consumption and extend projector bulb life.


  • Clear graphics
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Built-in speaker quality
  • Trapezoid correction


  • Fan sound

Bottom Line

The YABER Y31 is a 1080p projector with good contrast and great color reproduction that gives you crisp image quality, but it’s not suitable for use in very bright ambient light conditions.

2. Jimveo Movie Projector

The projector’s native 1080p, 480 ANSI, and 12,000:1 contrast ratio maximizes color detail, enhanced fidelity, and excellent color accuracy.

With 5G/2.4G WiFi and bi-directional Bluetooth 5.1 to reduce external interference and ensure fast and stable transmission, the latest Bluetooth features provide you with a perfect audio experience.

Projector provides ±50° 6D auto-correction, no manual correction, and no distortion 100-50% scaling allows pictures to be resized to the right size without moving them.


  • Good connection performance
  • 4k support for Ultra HD visuals
  • Portable design
  • Automatic calibration function


  • Fan noise
  • Internal 4K playback is not supported
  • Complex setup
  • Projector lamp life is limited and needs to be replaced regularly

Bottom Line

The portable design of this projector is perfect for taking on the go or on a trip. With auto-focus and auto-keystone correction, you can enjoy experiencing home theater with ease.

3. Pericat Home Theater Video Projector

With native 1920x1080P resolution and support for 4K, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and high brightness levels, the Pericat outdoor movie projector delivers a clear, vivid picture.

The projector is equipped with the latest dual-band 2.4G or 5G WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect to a variety of devices with virtually no latency.

15° keystone correction helps you get the best viewing angle in your home theater or outdoor movies. Dual stereo speakers with a built-in HiFi system provide excellent sound quality.

This 5G WiFi projector comes with multiple built-in ports for easy connection to a variety of devices.


  • Easy to use
  • 5G WiFi capability
  • Keystone correction function
  • Built-in HIFI stereo speakers
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Dustproof design


  • The sound is a little loud
  • Lamp life is limited and needs to be replaced regularly

Bottom Line

The Pericat projector 4k is perfect for indoor use and provides good, clear image quality. If you’re looking for a projector at $300, it would be a good choice.

4. Sovboi Mini Movie Projector

With 460 ANSI and FHD resolution, Sovboi gives you vivid, lifelike images.

This HD projector provides USB*2/HDMI*2/AV/audio output ports to connect to multiple devices such as phones/PC/laptops.

With 2.4G+5G WIFI & 5.1 bi-directional Bluetooth, built-in dual-ring speakers, create the perfect home theater for you.

Supports digital ±50° 4D/4P keystone correction for portability and ease of use.


  • 4K resolution support
  • 4D/4P Keystone and 50% zoom provide a wide range of views
  • Project up to a 400-inch display
  • Easy to use


  • limited connection ports
  • Short lamp life
  • The body is bulky and inconvenient to carry

Bottom line

This projector lets you enjoy movies anywhere, providing you with clear images, and great audio. However, the fan is rather loud and you may need to purchase an additional mute box to reduce the sound.

5. YOWHICK Mini Portable Movie Projector

The YOWHICK projector comes with its native Full HD 1080p resolution and 4K support for a crisp, clear picture.

The projector is equipped with the latest cooling system and low-noise operation to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Its dual built-in speakers provide you with excellent sound quality, giving you an immersive audio experience.

The projector supports dual 5G+2.4G Wi-Fi and 5.0 Bluetooth capabilities. Multiple wireless streaming options are supported to meet all your streaming needs.


  • Native 1080P resolution for crisp picture quality
  • 4K support provides HD video playback
  • Multiple wireless connection options
  • Good compatibility performance


  • Does not support 3D content
  • A small sound from built-in speakers
  • Limited zoom function

Bottom line

The YOWHICK mini portable movie projector will bring life to any movie night or viewing session. It provides a clear picture even in bright rooms, making it a great choice for home theater.

How to Choose the Right Projector for Under $300?

  • Resolution: Select a projector with a resolution of at least 720p (1280 x 720) for SD content or at least 1080p (1920 x 1080) for HD content.
  • Brightness: Choose a projector that is bright enough, usually measured in lumens. A well-lit room requires a brighter projector.
  • Projection distance: Consider the distance between the projector and the screen to obtain the desired image size.
  • Aspect Ratio: Ensure that the aspect ratio of the projector matches the aspect ratio of the screen or content.
  • Connectivity: Consider the type of device you want to connect a laptop to a projector, such as an Xbox, smartphone, etc., and select a projector with the appropriate input. Look for models with HDMI, USB, and VGA ports to easily connect your devices.
  • Maintenance: When choosing a projector consider the ease of maintenance, such as replacing projector bulbs and filters. Make sure the filters are easy to clean and replace, the bulbs last a long time, and other worn parts can be easily replaced if necessary.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and look for a projector that will provide the features you need within your budget.
  • Installation: If you plan to install the projector in an educational environment, look out for a projector with a hanging and pre-calibration setup for a quicker and easier installation.

What is the best projector under $300?

If you don’t mind getting as close to our $300 price limit as possible, then I’d like to recommend the Pericat 4K-enabled home theater projector. While it doesn’t rival the best home theater projectors, it offers as many features as some of the more costly ones, and it looks great when playing games, sports, and HDTV.


Is it worth buying a cheap projector?

The less you spend, the more compromises you’ll have to make. As a general rule, the very cheapest projectors have low native resolutions and aren’t bright enough to project big, watchable images. As a general rule, the very cheapest projectors have low native resolutions and aren’t bright enough to project big, watchable images.

Is 300 LED lumens bright enough for a projector?

In low ambient light conditions, projectors with 300 to 600 ANSI lumen ratings will suffice.

Is 3000 lumens good for a projector?

In a home environment, you want to ensure that you choose a projector that is rated at under 3000 ANSI lumens. This is enough to project an 80″ This is enough to project an 80″ picture with minimal distortion easily.

Is LCD or LED better for projector?

Without proper maintenance, LCD projectors are more prone to breaking down. Additionally, their bulb will need replacement multiple times over the projector’s lifespan, while LEDs will last as long as the projector itself. Additionally, their bulbs will need replacement multiple times over the projector’s lifespan, while LEDs will last as long as the projector itself. Top choice: LED.

Is 4K projector better than 1080p?

In the world of visual technology, more pixels mean a better viewing experience. A 4K projector has about 8 million pixels, which is remarkably higher than A 4K projector has about 8 million pixels, which is remarkably higher than 1080p which only has 2 million pixels. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture when you view the screen from afar.

How many lumens do I need for a good projector?

Projector brightness is measured in lumens. For home theater projectors where ambient light is kept to a minimum, you’ll need a minimum of 1500 lumens. For classrooms, conference rooms or rooms with windows, a projector with a minimum of 2500 lumens is best.

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